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Adam Knight - Professional Portraits - Voorheesville, NY Photographer

January 13, 2020

I've known Adam since Day 1. November of 1985 rolled around, I showed up, and there he was, my big brother. Of course I don't remember this specifically, but there's lots more I do remember. Playing Wiffle Ball in the backyard (I'm a righty but he taught me how to bat lefty), sledding down Glenwood Hill, "occasionally" fighting, "never" tormenting our younger brother, and that one time we wanted to see if our cat Max, a big cat, could run through several feet of deep snow (fun fact: he could).

Adam and I are weirdly alike. I followed in his footsteps for much of my childhood. He took up violin in 4th grade, I took up violin in 4th grade. He took up French in 7th grade, I took up French in 7th grade. He played Little League, I signed up for rec town softball. He's a quiet, thoughtful, introvert; guess what I am?

(Our younger brother, certainly seeing this pattern, took the road less traveled as the cello-playing, German-learning, outgoing extrovert.)

Adam stands out, however, as an exceptional writer. He's been writing stories as long as I can remember, and has been the one to edit much of my own writing. He is imaginative and well-read, and has had many short stories published in magazines (check out Little Me, Big Me and Hoping for Red). Adam's writing is quick, smart, and thought-provoking.

Most recently, his first novel, At the Trough, was published. His book is a cautionary tale about the near future of education: one in which brick-and-mortal schools are defunct and all public education is computerized. Adam is a middle school English teacher, and the story is deeply influenced by what he has observed in his 12 years as an educator.

The winter light on this day was perfect, and to top if off, Adam agreed to take these images, outside, on a 14 degree day. Feel free to check out his work. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, and at

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